“[Our family] wish to thank everyone who looked after [R’s] every need whilst he staying with you. The kindness, the care and devotion shown to him was superb. We will always be very grateful he was with you”.

“[Mum] has been with you for two years and it is wonderful to see her so well and ‘spirited’. Thank you so much for the love, care and security you all give her. A really good time for her as well as for us, as family”.

“It is just to say THANK YOU for all the care and attention that you gave [Mum] whilst she stayed with you. Although she must have tested you all to your limits, you all cared for her with kindness, patience and humour that meant she led as fulfilled and dignified life as possible”.

“I should like to take this opportunity of saying how much we have appreciated the way the staff at Hay House looked after our [sister] over the past three years. Their loving concern and patience in dealing with all the residents was always in evidence and was an example to us all”.

“Thank you all for the superb care you took of Mum over the many years she was with you. In all the times I visited I never heard an impatient or disrespectful word from a member of staff to any resident. I turned up at all times of the day and Mum was always clean and comfortable. On a personal level, I always felt so welcomed by you all when I visited. It was a blessing and a great comfort to Dad and I to know Mum was receiving such exceptionally well managed, loving and humane care”.